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Report on the annual meeting of Chengyuan chemical industry

On January 16, 2020, Tianjin Chengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. grandly held the annual meeting of 2019 in Tianjin Development Zone, with the theme of "pursuing dreams and moving forward". The staff of Chengyuan chemical and the invited guests gather together to enjoy themselves as one family. They have dinner together, have a good time, look back on the glorious past, grasp the present and look forward to the bright future.

The year 2018 has passed quietly, we look back on the glory and harvest; 2019 has come, we are full of fighting spirit and hope. In the new year, with passion and challenges, Tianjin Chengyuan chemical industry has entered a new chapter.  

Mr. Feng bin, general manager of Chengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., delivered a new year's message on stage. He reviewed the course of Chengyuan chemical in 2018 and affirmed the brilliant achievements made in 2018. Chengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to building a brand of Chengyuan chemical industry by integrating production, sales and export. The development of Chengyuan chemical industry is inseparable from the support of all employees, and the development of Chengyuan chemical industry can not do without the hand in hand of all colleagues. We have been on the road, on the road of struggle, on the road of struggle, the road in the past is full of sweat and passion. Chengyuan chemical industry has entered a relatively stable development strategy period, work together to meet difficulties. We should make clear the development goal, adhere to the development strategy, do mechanism, create culture and build a team to jointly meet another pot of gold in the new era.

The whole annual meeting ended successfully in a harmonious, warm, passionate and happy atmosphere. Looking back on 2018, we have made concerted efforts to strive for common harvest; looking forward to 2019, we have the same goal and full of confidence, and we are looking forward to the bright future of Chengyuan chemical.

This is a happy event, which not only shows the positive youth style of all employees, but also shows the harmony and friendship of all our colleagues, and also conveys the great ambition of the company!

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